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Friday Night at the ER, our flagship product

Friday Night at the ER® is a game-like tabletop simulation and group debrief. The experience is used in all industries to develop essential skills, strengthen leadership competencies and improve team performance.


Schedule a group learning program led by a professional

Bring a Friday Night at the ER expert to your organization for a half-day learning program tailored for your group. We bring everything - the facilitator, the simulation materials, the program materials.

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Attend a public workshop with optional facilitator training

Come to a public workshop to experience a professionally led Friday Night at the ER program. With optional facilitator training, you can learn firsthand how to use the tool in diverse settings with various learning objectives.

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Purchase a game kit and license for internal or commercial use

Starting at $1,800, kits include all game materials, a step-by-step guide, presentation slides, suggested group exercises and print-ready files for handouts. It all comes in a protective carry bag for easy storage and transport.

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Our Team

We develop and support innovative products for team learning and decision support. We’re located in downtown Portland, Oregon with standard business hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.